Flood urgently contacts his operatives due to an attack, which is occurring against the dire lupines. The operatives rush as fast as possible to the attack site to find it under attack by commandos. Only a few commandos are attacking, but had somehow managed to eliminate all the dire lupines before the Merovingian backup could arrive. The commando attackers are killed.

Flood contacts his operatives once again to say another location is being attacked. Arriving at this site the Merovingian operatives discover Machine operatives attacking. The Machine operatives are defeated, but not before they kill all the dire lupines on location. The operatives search deeper, and discover that the dire lupines have been shot by enhanced silver bullets.

Flood contacts his operatives, this time the Effectuatorâ?Ts location is under attack. The operatives rush to defend, however when they arrive on site they find every Merovingian dire lupine and other Exiles dead. Moving to the believed location of the Effectuator they find the room completely empty. The operativeâ?Ts operator reports he detected no teleporting in the area. Flood realises the Effectuator has been captured.

Flood: He's gone. This is it. I'm finished. I'm finished, do you hear me?!? And all because of your incompetence! I'm taking you down with me, if it's the last thing I do!

iRomav 01-26-2006, 07:34 PM

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