Faction: The Infinity of Zion

Organization: E Pluribus Neo

Server: Recursion

Faction Leader: Zesja  First Mate: SystemCtrl


Founded on Regression in March 2005 by the coming together of three Crew Captains with a common goal, namely Cpt. Zesja of The Imomex, Cpt. Weters of The Righteous and Cpt. AcIDHouND of The Leviathan, The Infinity of Zion came into being. Our goals were as clear then as they are now. The dream is not lost, one day it will be reclaimed. Through endless dedication, fortitude and unity we walk the path along with every other unanimous redpill who chooses to do the same, it is our purpose nothing more nothing less.

Hovercraft Crew List (Archived)

The Imomex - Captain Zesja - First Mate SystemCtrl

The Righteous - Captain Weters - First Mate Akuzas

The Leviathan - Captain Acidhound - First Mate Phase4

New Hope - Captain Moth0101

The Usual Suspects - Captain LEXRated - First Mate DemonicFerret

Chaos Hunter - Captain Abasynian - First Mate Jezzy

The Glitch Crew - Captain Gansmann

Guardians of zion - Captain Soulburn83

13th Floor - Captain Emartos - First Mate Pierian

The Semblance of Morpheus - Captain Poy - First Mate TalonD

Zion's 108th Infantry - Captain Pimpindude

Voyager - Captain AmnestyInt

Sparta's Knights - Captain TheDarkKnightDante - First Mate Arkenkaden

Ghost Busters - Captain Spookyy

The Ghosts of Zion - Captain Perigon

Arbitrage - Captain Case001

The Virus Code - Captain Xemir

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