Agent Gray confirms that the key to the left matrix. He warned his operatives that scientists machines are busy finding the trace of the key. Gray stated when they will be required to ask for help from a program called Oracle, it helps to find the key. He thinks it will help, given the special nature of this key.

Oracle: Hi there! You're right on time. Time is something we all find a little short right now, right? Each one goes his own way and the other from hers, looking at everything is the key. I know why they sent you one to talk to me, kid. Of course the key is in construction now, I do not think they really need me to know that, by cons. And do not expect that it makes a difference. I hope everything will go well, the key will be lost forever ... but we both know that will not happen.

The soldiers go out and make their report to Gray.

Agent Gray: Put aside what your psychological disjointed, and you will see that Oracle can sometimes be useful. Now that we are sure that the key is in a construct, we can concentrate on our research. Go to one of our laboratories. Scientists have already changed their target by focusing on access points in the matrix, especially in the vicinity of Camon Heights where the key signal was lost.

Humans mostly go to one of the laboratories.

Scientist: Ah, there you are! Gray said that you would come. It's fascinating, the number of skulls connected to the matrix in one way or another. Oh, but you're not here for that. Well, here are the results. You'll have to make a short stop in Camon Heights it seems. We have reason to think that Silver is behind this. Remember, the entrance to a building can look like anything! Do not limit your thoughts when you are looking for one.

Sotn soldiers sent to a possible place could be the entry of the construct, many guards in the pay of Silver there. After beating the humans find a phone that, according to the operator, is the entrance to the construct. He is already off, but a team of security machines are sent to complete the perimeter.

Agent Gray: So Silver is behind it after all. His soldiers were off this entry, and it is hidden somewhere. Very ... annoying. I think we'll find our own way to get into this construct. Stay in touch.

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