The Oneironauts

Organization: E Pluribus Neo

Server: Syntax (Main Instance), Recursion , Vector

Flagship: HvCFT Belteshazzar

Faction Leader: Stackk

Ships in faction: Captain

The Joseph: Dibol

CruxCode: Nevelatte3

Giano: Cr0no

Primary contact address:

CRUXCODE contact address:

Website: ,

The Oneironauts are devoted to Morpheus and his ideals, including the retrieval of the body of The One and freeing humanity from The Matrix. Aside from these goals, The Oneironauts follow orders from Zion as long as they do not conflict with the ideals of Morpheus.

The Oneironauts also maintain the Truce as closely as possible and refrain from engaging in hostilities with Machinists unless they are sympathetic to the Cypherites or unless they establish themselves as a hostile entity against members of The Oneironauts. Hostilities are allowed against those aligned with The Cypherites and The Merovingian.

There is still plenty of space within the faction for new members and for new crews. Those wishing to join should contact Capt. Stack for details about recruitment.

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