Belief Edit

We are a small group of renegades and rebels who follow the seeker of the One, Morpheus.

We are not Zion lackeys, bending knee to the council at the drop of a hat. If our path follows the same road as the one Lock follows, so be it.

But it is Morpheus that we follow.

We defend Zion because Morpheus asked that we do so.

Faction Leader: The current leader is Skyscream. Our faction works much like a democracy. Each captain has control over their ships and can make decisions on their own. However any major issues are taken to a vote unless time dictates otherwise. Then the Leader makes the decision. Everyone in the faction gets to vote. Skyscream is the current leader and the one who deals with other factions and operatives in day to day operations.

Alignment Zion/Neonites

Facts Edit

  • The True Believers (TTB) are one of the oldest factions on Syntax (formerly Linenoise server) and have been around since the launch of The Matrix Online. Originally the fleet carried the name The Vital Element (TVE) at game launch but the name was changed due to an internal dispute.
  • TTB was the first to solve the murder of Vashuo and reveal Toorima as Veil, a Cypherite leader, (Double Cross: a live event) on Linenoise.
  • Neonite is a term that was coined in the early days after the truce to describe the viewpoint of Skyscream and shortly after that the entire Faction. We believe in the One and follow the Seeker of the One, Morpheus. Unlike EPN we seek Neo, and now Morpheus, first and foremost and all other concerns are secondary while the Kid tends to be more concerned with the Truce. This 'nickname' soon spread to include anyone who sought Neo. Even The Kids followers are refered to as Neonites occasionally.

Leaders Past and Present:

Infaro (TVE)

2fist (TTB)

Skyscream (TTB)

Fleet Status: TTB is still somewhat active even though MxO is "Officially" shut down. If you search you'll know why ...

Links Edit

The True Believers

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