After the fall of the key General off a building, it lands on an orange van. Luckily, Anome, trying to catch his blunder, had time to note the license plate of the van before it's out of sight. He calls me and asks me to go to the Machines' Transportation Department to find any information on the license plate. Anome assumes that machines will not object if they "borrow" small pieces of information if it's for a good cause.

Inside the building, I must get rid of some guards. All my attempts at intrusion into the main computer is proving to be failures. Ourania, my operation, I then proposed to request assistance has bluepill. After giving him a little scared by adding my colt in the nose, bluepill gives me all the information I need. Going to the house owner's van.

From the data, he lives Achan. Anome send me as soon as possible and then I ask bluepill.

Bluepill (Van-owner): My van? Dude, it's totally not cool how they have broken the other night! These punks have completely emptied. Where is the respect? These "Bells" have always been jealous of the mural made by my sweet barbarian hands on the side of the van. I'm sure they are the ones who did this. It's just like that ... How could they?

Ouranos contact Anome to say that the key must be in possession of the Bells.

Anome: So ... The Bells: they think the dolls be first class, but who think they fool living in a slum as Achan? So you gotta show these little ladies what happen when flying at Zion. I send you directly to their headquarters. The key should be there. And keep an eye on their leader, Bling Bling.

After my arrival and a great fight against a dozen Bells, I do not find key or Bling Bling. So I make my report to Anome.

Anome: What? No key? No Bling? No! We must find the key. Think, Anome, think! Hey! Go and ask the hippie busker, Yttri! She knows everything that happens to Achan, and she must. She must have some idea about what the Bells have turned the key.

I then met Yttri, I had already seen many times for meetings or to render him service, and it gives me very good information.

Yttri: Looking for the key to power. Ha ... yes. It is no longer among the Bells. I heard she had moved eastwards to Moriah. The Crossbones charge of the project there. Maybe this is what you seek. Are you sure you do not seek selfish rather a means to power?

Anome: The Crossbones have the key? Of course! This confirms what I thought. ****** Of pirates! We will be in touch soon. Anome, Out.

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