Flood comes in contact with his operatives to advise that a meeting between the Merovingian and Jane the Ripper, leader of the gang Slashers, will soon take place. Flood warns that Slashers had "family problems" yet. Before going to the meeting, Flood still requires operatives to meet a Slasher to obtain information. The Slasher in question is actually an undercover program Merovingian.

Merovingian program: So ... the boss wants to know about the key, huh? I hope he will be a little less stingy with me. You know how many I have stuck to these losers? Ha yeah, the key. I heard that Jane wants to take his profit. In fact, she has even a buyer instantly. You better hurry to find Jane if you really want the key. So how valid this information to the boss? Huh? What are you looking at? You want my picture? Huh?

The soldiers can not tolerate about the program and remove in less than two. Just after, Slashers burst into the room and attack humans, who always end up as winners. Contact Flood.

Flood: So, Jane thinks she will steal the key? We could try to discourage her ... But you know, it would be much easier with the other buyer out of it. Find out where he is. I want out of this story.

The operator Merovingian sends humans to where someone lives knowing everything is going to Camon Heights. The operator believes that contact should be able to provide information about the buyer.

The conversation is short and sweet. The contact provides the location of the buyer without problems, but expresses his thoughts by saying that approach the buyer will only create trouble.

The operation is fast, the soldiers enter the Merovingian and eliminate all forces. They soon find themselves face to face with potential buyers and eliminate it.

Flood would ask the soldiers to go and meet Jane the Ripper. He asks them to convince her at all costs. The key must be in the hands of the Merovingian.

Upon entering the building, the soldiers were immediately shocked: Slashers bodies lying everywhere and there is no sign of Jane the Ripper. One body is not a Slashers and must be one of the people who attacked the Slashers. By digging, soldiers found a data CD and give it to Flood.

Flood: The data come now. Let's see ... is ... a collection of porn?! Makes you lose a point. I mean, really ... no, wait, there seems to be another layer of encryption here. I'll put my guys on it to examine. Stay in touch, pervert.

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