Tick Tock was a powerful exile who was rumoured to have originally functioned as a time keeper in one of the previous version of the Matrix. He can be found perched on an exposed stairway corner in Maribeau (-344, 13, -314).

In Chapter 7.3.5, this exile struck up a conversation with operative SiskoUrso, discussing the nature of time in the Matrix, and how the Machines manage to keep the simulation always in the year 1999.

Mission Notes
Rolling Over Kill his organization's defective member who is going to defect to Mr. Black.
Trading Places Escort Tick Tock's spy so that he is inserted into Mr. Black's organization.
Do The Wave Raid Mr. Black's organization and insert a false RSI wavelength to protect the spy.
False Impressions Obtain and copy the files from the spy and give him the copy so the spy won't be suspected.
Look Over Here Cause a distraction by making a stir (or attack some of Mr. Black's staff) so that the spy can return the disc without being discovered.

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