areasFaction Leader: shinpseudo

Alignment: Zion -- EPN

Server: Syntax

Web Site:

TrueHumanity is a Zion Faction with the popular online game, The Matrix Online. A faction is a group of people working together on a team toward similar goals. We represent the interests of Zion and fight for the freedom of all humans from the tyranny of the machines. Our faction is made up of several crews. Each crew has a captain, a first mate and up to 10 crew members. As of the time this page was prepared, we have 12 active crews and always looking to expand.

As a faction, TrueHumanity's ultimate goal is to see all humans freed from their pods and to reclaim the surface where we can flourish once again. Until that time, our numbers grow as we free new minds, fold them into our ranks and develop them into leaders willing to fight for Zion and TrueHumanity. Do you seek the truth of your existence? The Truth may be painful, but the Truth is Your Destiny.

On a gaming note, we are a tight-knit group of people from all ages and walks of life. We range from school-age teenagers to college students to married adults with full-time jobs and families. For many of us, MXO is a first and only online multiplayer gaming experience and we are enjoying every minute of it. Many of us are vets of the game and have been here since MXO was still in beta. So by joining us, you will not only have the opportunity to enjoy a great game, but you will get to learn from some of the better experienced people playing it! We assist new players in developing their characters through leveling up, training, acquiring abilities and the like. We also just like to hang out and chat and have a good a time together.

We are active in the MXO community both in and out of role play. The community is great and the friends we have made here are wonderful. So if you are looking for a Zion faction, you need not look any further:

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