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Twisted Nerve is a group of like minded gamers who believe in having fun... and we have lots of it. We have members from all across the US and some from across the pond in Europe. We are a Zion based faction in The Matrix Online and are pretty much exclusive to MxO. While some of our members do play other games, most of our time is spent "jacked in" to the matrix, supporting our elder members and helping out the new recruits.

Twisted Nerve has two "sister" factions, Salve Veritate and the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad (DiVAS). Salve Veritate, lead by Chimchim, has been around since the beta of MxO and currently consists of only a few "leet" members who also have alternate characters in Twisted Nerve and the DiVAS. The DiVAS is a off-shoot faction of Twisted Nerve and Salve Veritate, lead by SweetPoison, and consists of female RSIs used for archive and hideout farming.

Combined with SV and the DiVAS, someone is always online, pretty much 24/7. We use a VoIP chat program (TeamSpeak) to coordinate efforts in events and PvP, but voice chat is not required to be a contributing member of the faction(s). However, we do highly recommend using it so that we all can get to know each other better.

If you are looking for a good faction to be a part of, check us out... we're HAWT!!!

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