Agent Gray: Operative, the renegade Morpheus and his followers have been disrupting the code of the matrix to create artificial information nexus areas where their hackers can access data. We have, of course, been able to track these sites. You will escort our repair program to one of these sites and protect it while it repairs the damage.

Operator: The repair program, Stewart The Mechanic, is inside. Escort him outside and I will update you with the location of your target.

Agent Gray: You waypoint is being updated with the location of the renegade hacker nexus now. Get Stewart The Mechanic there safely.

Operator: Morpheus' hacker site is inside that building. there appears to be a large concentration of Exile programs in the area. Wipe them out and get Stewart The Mechanic to the active computer inside the hacker nexus.

Operator: You're close to the active renegade computer system. the far door is locked-- if you can't open it yourself, you'll have to look around for a key.

Operator: There's the active system. Lead Stewart The Mechanic up to it so that it can begin to repair the damage made by Morpheus' flunkies.

Agent Gray: Repair program initiated. Exile reinforcements detected. Destroy them, operative.


Stewart The Mechanic: Repairs are underway.

Agent Gray: Those exile vermin deserve a somewhat slower deletion.

Operator: That's it, {redpill_name}. You can get out of there now.

Operator: Goals for this mission phase are complete. Find the nearest exit quickly!

Agent Gray: Those exiles endangered our mission. We will deal with them after after we have finished with Morpheus.

[Mission complete]

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