Violet is a member of the Spectrum Siblings exiles and can be found in a VIP room at Club Daemon (-210, -2, -1252). She is also served by the Legion gang.

Mission Notes
Violent Pacification Remind the exile (principal) known as Shark where his best interests lie, but let him live.
Wages of Sin Make an example of some of the Succubus who have been holding her back, pick up a shipment of exile-lethal White Knight virus disc and drop it off to a redpill, Waterman (former merv).
Problem Addict Defeat the Zionist crew (led by Wombat) who have stolen some of the White Knight Virus. Take the virus to a machinist datamining operation in Appollyon in order to cause a distraction from Indigo and his gang that are operating there.
Drawn and Quartered Collect the three pieces (discs) that make up a program (1 is in a bluepill's computer, another is captured by exiles and the, last one is located in a machine outpost). Upload the discs.
Underneath the Surface prevent a group of exiles from recovery of the program dropping the program off to Indigo's data warehouse guy.

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