Faction Leader: Asagi

Aligment: Zion

Server: Syntax


We are The Vixens... an all female (RSI) faction in The Matrix Online. We were formed as a result of our then Faction Leader, Nanashinoko (now known as Nanashiko), finding peace on the second server to open during the MxO beta test, "Parser", in March of 2005. Since that time, the matrix had been reset and Nanashinoko had been saved once again, taking the informal version of her name, Nanashiko. Nanashiko had reformed the Vixens on the "Proxy" server, now known as the "Syntax" server. Nana handed over the Vixens faction to her closest friend, xLr8r the day she decided it was time to take the blue pill. xL remained on as Commander of the Vixens until May of 2006. Today, the Vixens are ran by their new Commander, Asagi.

Faction Core Values (Our Rules)

  • We're a fun loving group of people who are ultimately all here to play MxO and enjoy doing so.
  • We love to help our fellow faction and crew members of course but are always willing to lend a helping hand to any redpill out there who may be of need.
  • We attend parties together and occasionally throw our own.
  • We believe in the Golden Rule which is to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. While we strive to not be "too serious" of a group, if a member is rude or harasses others, they won't be a member for long.
  • We ask all members to register on our forum. Failure to register could result in dismissal from the faction.
  • We are for Zion... we believe in the salvation of humanity and know that peace, is never easy. For this reason we require all of our members to focus on Zion missions or missions for Zionist contacts inside the matrix only.
  • We ask that all members jack in at least once every week. It's important to us to be a large faction but being large in a list and not in active numbers is counter productive.
  • We expect all of our members to be able to abide by these values while at the same time having a TON of fun! :-)

Looking to join the Vixens? Please visit our forum, register and post in the "Applications" topic for more information!

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