Yuusuke Akayama was an exile that can be found standing in a byway in Shirakaba (222, -4, 135). he is the owner of the paper Tiger Restaurant.

Mission Notes
In the Belly of the Beast Get a disk containing a recording of a secret meeting. (then find a recovery reboot disk when the computer dies from the first logon).
Debug Insert a virus into the computer network of the Great Wall Security, bribe a certain member (bluepill) in order to plant the the bug.
Tearing Down the Wall Wipe out a Great Wall outpost in order tpo distract them from his own operations
Insecurity Escort a contractor spammer to a great Valley office in order to spam a list of well-known hackers to annoy them and focus their wrath on the Great Wall.
Link Death Eliminate an outpost of exiles affiliated with the weakened Great Wall Security, and eliminate the organization.

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